LARP Gear Shop

We have access to providing LARP gear from the following website. Prices are as listed as the MSRP. If you are interested in ordering any of these items, please let Claire know on the website or by sending her a PM and then she can to see if the items are in stock through our distributor and check shipping charges for you! If the items are in stock, they usually can be received within a couple days of the order.


We offers items from several distribution lines and have more in the pipeline. If you see anything you like from any of these websites, let us know and we can get it for you! Profits go towards supporting the LARP.


You can see our temporary shop here: Temporary Store

A new shiny store with an easier interface is coming soon!


Distribution Lines:








In Stock Items

The following items will be available at the LARP for sale. If you would like to go ahead and reserve one, let me know! (Under Construction. More items to be added.)