Shirt Tutorial

Shirt Tutorial

Here are some simple instructions on how to make a very basic shirt. All you need to make this shirt is some fabric, a needle, thread, scissors and maybe a few pins. Start out with your piece of fabric folded over. Make sure that the fold is at the top of the shirt, so it will rest over your shoulders, and across the top of your arms.

Shirt 1

Make sure this piece of fabric is large enough to cover your entire chest, top to bottom, and part of your arms, depending on how long you want the sleeves. Buying a twin sized sheet at a Goodwill for a few bucks is a great way to get really nice fabric for super cheap. Set one of your own loose fitting shirts over top the fabric for a guide. Trace around the edges of the shirt, and trace around the neck. Make sure when you trace, you trace about two inches or more away from he shirt, to give you room to sew.

Shirt 2

Cut it out! Make sure not to cut the top part that will go across your shoulders. This is where the fabric should be folded over and will make the top part of your shirt..

Shirt 3

I like to cut the front part of the neck a bit deeper than the back side of the neck.

Shirt 4

Pin the edges to hold it together while you sew. You don’t have to….but…if you value your sanity, you might want to.

Shirt 5

Sew the edges on the sides and under the sleeves.

Shirt 6

Turn it right side out, put it on, and bam! You have a shirt! You could make it longer if you would like a tunic or make it long sleeved.
Shirt 7