Honor Points

Honor Points

Honor Points are points gained by contributing to the game. They can be earned through donating time or money to help make our game better. While there are sometimes otherways to earn honor points, here are the two most common ways:

Cleaning Up After Game
While everyone is required to clean up their own personal props and gear, as well as their cabin and these do not award honor points, honor points can be gained by helping clean up the general site such as the kitchens, paths, common areas, and plot cabin.

Donating Time/Costumes/Props
Please check with the plot team before making or purchasing props or costumes for the game. If you donate your time or energy to helping create costumes, props, etc for the plot team to have to use at the game, then you can be awarded honor points. Honor points are not awarded for personal costuming, personal npc costumes, or props you bring to the game – they are only for things that are specifically made for the plot staff to use and keep for the game.

Recording Honor Points

Please make sure you check in with the cleaning coordinator for the game you attend to make sure your honor points are recorded. Things that are said in passing rather than direclty to the coordinator will likely not be recorded, as we need to make sure the coordinator gets them down for the game records, so please make sure you check in with the coordinator on site before you leave the game if you would like to have honor points recorded for either cleaning or donations. If you have attended games in the past, but do not know your current honor points, please take a moment to fill out our honor points consolidation form if you haven’t already to make sure that we have everything correctly recorded for you. 

Honor Point Consolidation Form

Spending Honor Points


Honor Points can be used to purchase in-game items or Character Points to help your character. Generally, about an hour of time donated to the game or about $5 worth of donations or props will result in being given an Honor Point. Please consult with the in-game honor points coordinator (usually the cleaning coordinator) if you would like to spend honor points. Here is the break down of what you can use your honor points to buy:

1 Honor Point = 1 Point you can respend for your character’s build.

2 Honor Points = 1 random grab bag draw of resources.

3 Honor Points = 1 CP you can re-purchase after a character’s death, up to the max you had before you died. 

15 Honor Points = 1 Character Point for your character (purchase limit of one CP per five games you attend – must attend 5 games before first purchase).

30 Honor Points = 1 Tear of the Fae – an instant self-resurrection item that can be used to bring your character or any other character back from the dead instantly without burning a soul shard. This item is soul bound, and cannot be taken by any physical or magical means. It is a one-time use item. Multiple Tears of the Fae can be bought.