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    Many have already heard the name and read the accords but I will again state our purpose.

    The Sindari are protectors of the community. House Bellena and The Gray Legion signed an accord bringing together two groups of people who are very different in many ways. The Sindari are the Phoenix that has risen from the ashes of a broken community. If the House and Legion can come together for greater good, then so can the rest of the community.

    The State of the Sindari-

    After the great success against the Drow, that is the direct result of the creation of the Sindari, we have proven that our efforts are not in vein. Still, the Sindari Accords were met with some considerable concern by may members of the community. I would like to remind those who have concern that the accords apply only to those who have chosen to take on the burden of membership and the protection of the community.

    I, Rholin Greenfox, intend to pursue House Bellena matters for some time to come. Because of this, the Sindari are seeking fresh leadership and new recruits. If members of the community step up and take the responsibility of its protection, the Sindari will live on, but if these same members instead choose to pursue their own personal gain or goals, then the Sindari will disband and the community will be forced to protect itself.

    Every member of the Sindari may pledge their continued support here and every member of the community who desires to join may do so here as well.

    The Sindari accords have been slightly amended in wording to ease concern by those reading.

    The Sindari accords

    United we stand, divided we fall.

    The selfishness of those we call brothers and sisters only weakens us. For this reason, House Bellena and the Gray Legion hereby declare that out of the ashes of a broken community, a Phoenix will rise. This Phoenix will be called the Sindari.
    Anyone who wishes to come together and do their part may join the Sindari.
    Those who join will only be required to provide a single service in exchange for their citizenship. Whether it be as a fighter under the commander or a craftsman who’s works make the Sindari strong, all have a place among us.
    The Sindari shall be led by the tribune. A group of three individuals who have proven competent in their leadership. The three positions shall be as follows:

    – Provost: Rally the people, organize the community, take the census and embody the spirit of the castle.
    – Commander of arms: Command the fighters of the Sindari, lead them into battle, to victory and embody the spirit of the sword.
    – Ambassador: Be the voice of what we stand for to the rest of the land, fight to better the position of the Sindari and embody the spirit of the scroll.

    Every member of the House and Legion are now citizens of the Sindari.
    The leadership of the House and Legion will make up the Tribune until new members show their leadership abilities.
    Anyone who freely serves the community and asks not for reward save the safety of those they serve will earn the title of Citizen.
    A citizen will be entitled to the services provided by fellow citizens at no cost.
    Every citizen has the protection of the Tribune and Sindari. Those not considered citizens will not receive any protection from the tribune. The Tribune is the internal leadership of the Sindari.
    The life of every citizen is valuable to the Sindari and as such is valuable to the tribune.
    Every citizen is expected to provide one of the following services to their fellow citizens at no cost with reasonable

    – Fight for the Sindari under the Commander. This includes bards, mages and healers if they so choose.
    – Repair weapons and armor for fellow citizens
    – Make potions to be distributed among the citizens for use during battles.
    – Make enchanted items that will be used by citizens and recharge them.
    – Perform rituals for citizens.
    – If a person would like citizenship but does not want to fight or provide their services for free they may pay a tax directly to the Tribune to be considered a citizen. This tax may be in the form of currency or raw materials.

    The Sindari will be an example to the land that people can live and fight together effectively.
    All major decisions will be made by the Tribune.
    The citizens will be informed as much as possible about the decisions made, reasons why and method of carrying out actions.

    On the battlefield, the Commander is in charge.
    When negotiating, the Ambassador is in charge.
    When determining citizenship, policy and procedures the Provost is in charge.

    The members of the Tribune are the pillars of the Sindari. They are equal in status and responsibility.
    The rule of the Tribune is law. All citizens must abide the decisions of the Tribune.
    We, as a community, are on the brink of destruction. Every day we fight, not knowing if we will come out alive.
    Every ounce of energy, every hand to hold a sword, every piece of armor is a grain of rice on the scales of the Eldest and if a single act of selfishness causes a warrior to go into battle without every advantage that can be mustered, the scale will not hold and we will all perish.
    For this reason, the Sindari expect the Citizens to help each other freely.
    For this reason, every Citizen is valued and every Citizen will be protected.

    Signed by-
    Ambassador- Zujoji Jibealar
    Provost- Rholin Greenfox
    Commander- Artorious Maldyr

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    I, Torrin Penderghast, am a member of the Sindari for as long as it upholds the values of a joined community and protects the community as it was created to do so.

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