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    Artorious Maldyr

    From the Legion Command:

    The Grey Legion has been under my command since the retirement of Commander Abbadon Blackfire nine months ago. We continue to protect our foothold in Doristane and offer our services to the free people of New Haven and the Elendari. The Legion continues to prove our effectiveness and tenacity in battle from our landing in Doristane to the liberation of the Forest Fae.

    The Legion is currently recruiting new members and is capable of providing weapons, armor, medical services, payment, food, lodging and training to all new recruits. We also seek the paid services of dedicated professionals including ritualists, blacksmiths, healers and bards both in and out of battle.

    Seek out Commander Artorious or other ranking Legion members if you believe you are capable.

    Hold the line,
    Artorious Maldyr


    From The Legion Command

    The following is the training schedule to be conducted daily. Supplemental training may be conducted at the discretion of the Legion Command. All training will be conducted at the Legion camp unless otherwise stated.

    Morning training- 0700
    individual weapon and shield training.

    Noon training- tentative within 30 minutes of lunch meal time.
    Small unit tactics and specialized training. *To be conducted in New Haven*

    Afternoon training- After dinner meal time,
    Group tactics and line fighting techniques.

    All Legion members are required to attend training. Members of the Elendari and the town of New Haven are encouraged to attend as well.

    Hold the line
    Lt. Commander
    Decimus L. Tactartes

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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