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    Of the Holy Orders of the Knights Transcendent
    As Penned by Scrivener Jathan Toth of the Church of Ordin.

    My Lords I present to you the findings and merits of the 5 Distinct Orders of the brotherhood we know as The Knights Transcendent. Located in the region of Canninoth, based in their fortress monastery aptly named The Sword.

    The Sword:
    As me and my young pupil Paitek made our way into the region of Canninoth we noticed a significant change in the landscape. As high as we had climbed into the mountainous region of Canninoth we came across a large steppe. Before us was a lush landscape of farmland stretching for miles as we made our way further into Knight territory we passed several farming hamlets until finally we came to the capital town of the territory known as Cannin. A small city in its own right Cannin is the northernmost market of Caledor. This region is famous for its spiced mead, fine wines, and excellent cuisine. Curiously Cannin was not walled in, what lay behind it dominating it’s horizon I was sure was protection enough.

    What I refer to is the Fortress Monastery known as The Sword that sits atop the peak of Anarch Highest Mountain peak in all of Caledor. After a night’s stay in Cannin we made our accent, and again we were met with yet another change in landscape. Where the land below seemed to be given over to the natural world much to the people’s benefit it would seem. The whole of Anarch seemed to be given over to the purging of the Diabolical. When the mists would part one could see holy script scribed on every wall of the mountain. Impossibly large shrines could be seen given over to heavenly images foreign yet familiar to my eyes. As we approached the mighty gates of The Sword our humor seemed to be stolen from us and we felt the gaze of a thousand eyes upon our souls. Gauging it would seem our worth until we reached the Golden Gates. Where we were greeted by Sir Ghal Dawn and Sir Setharion Manethal who later I would come to find belonged to two different orders within the Knights. As the gates shut it seemed as if the burden of the accent was raised instantly off our shoulders and the rays of a thousand suns replaced the eyes that were on our souls.

    The Sword itself is a more then impressive fortification walls within walls each bound and sanctified. To press further into the fortress one must be deemed pure or worthy enough. So my report on the inner most sanctums of the fortress will not be verified in my findings and any mention of them is purely what I have gathered from word of mouth. I and my pupil had only been allowed entry to what is known as the common grounds.

    This area is where the recruits of the order alongside the Knight aspirants are garrisoned and trained. It is the largest Area of the Fort. Taken up more then half of the total space of the fortification proper. I was amazed by the amount of different chapels and faiths represented. Outside of a faith a recruit is a recruit until he is accepted into one of the Five Orders of Knights. Those Orders being the following I have provided with each a brief description of their philosophy and purpose within the Knights:

    Order of the Sacred Wind:
    Members of the wind as they are commonly called are considerably different from the rest of the order. The members of this order are always on the move, and constantly sending word via raven. From what I understand these members are the information gatherers and diplomats of the Knights. I and Paitek met with many a fast friend that called the wind their training order. In particular we sat down with a Knight Aspirant Kela Omora a woman from a kingdom far to the south. Kela explained that the members of the wind are the most free spirited of the Order. It is often they that are the first to hear of corruption and often they who will investigate however it is less likely that they will be the ones to deal with it. Piatek lacking a masters tact brazenly asked if the members of the wind were coward or did they fear the demonic. Kela however simply chuckled and said “No, it is just that we do not have the patience as others of our order. We are often times to eager to find the next cult or uncover the next dark sect and bring them to justice.”

    Order of the Unsullied Shield:
    The Stoic brothers of the Shield are indeed a noble sect among the Knights. They are tasked with the greater defense of the Sword. As well as defending the territories given over to the care of the Knights. If the Knights are tasked with defending a relic or cordoning off dangerous areas from lay persons unaware of demonic influence it is these Brothers who answer the call. Difficult to talk to and gleam information from the stoic brothers of the shield never faltered in their duty. It was not until the Founding festival when I got a chance to speak with a Brother of the order. Sir Corden Ordoroth a transcendent knight. As we talked I noticed that the air about us become noticeably arid I found my mouth meeting my flagon more often then not. However I did get a remarkably amount of knowledge from him. According to Sir Ordoroth never once has the Knighthood lost a single fortification given over to their protection. I asked Sir Ordoroth what exactly are the innards of the Sword? He explained that each of the Orders has found a focus within the Sword over the years. Those of the Wind are given over to the Gates and the raven lofts. Those of the Shield find that the great hall leading to the heart of the sword is where their elite are garrisoned with their aspirants given over to walking the walls. Those Members of the Flame are drawn to the great Forge, and meeting hall of the Sword. Those members of the Sword are given the task of protecting the very heart of their citadel known as the chamber of the sword where the Knighthoods command is located. And those of the Hollowed Tome are given over to the immense and heavily protected library said to reside somewhere under the chamber of the sword.

    Order of the Cleansing Flame:
    During the Feast Piatek found himself in the company of the members of the Flame. From his tales they are a most confusing and wildly bipolar group. Compared to the Noble Shields the members of the Flame seem little more then brigand zealots that lack proper military discipline. But Piatek went on and on about the tales he heard of Knights Aspirants slaying demons single handedly and laughing of the ease. After the feast I would find Piatek in the company of a Particular Knight Aspirant Ciaphas Gillman. When I engaged in conversation with the man much of my fear of the recklessness of the order was put at ease. There was something inspirational about the man’s speech and the passion of his belief was indeed something to be admired. Sir Gillman explained that many in his order came there because they received a vision of the Saint. Most come to the Knights from these visions some however are just merely recruited by members of the Wind however. Almost all the members of the Flame find that they are there due to a vision. When I broached Sir Gillman or Ciaphas as he insisted I call him about the function his order serves within the Knights he explained in vigor how he and his Brothers serve. The Order of the Flame serves as not only the orders craftsmen, but as its orators and confessors. Often times the later resulting in many of the Order traveling much of our world spreading not only the ideas and beliefs of the Knights but taking a more direct approach when confronted with the wicked and corrupt. While not aboard the members of the flame take charge over the spirit of their fellows leading meditation and worship to their belief in one true undeniable creator, while mending and cleansing those souls who have too long felt evils embrace.

    Order of the Shining Sword:
    Now in stark contrast to their gregarious brothers of the flame the disciplined and dedicated members of the order of the Shining Sword where hard to miss during our stay. These were the warriors of legend the true martial arm of the Knights. Day in and day out these noble pillars of purity and righteousness practiced sword drills, various formations both afoot and astride steeds. Finding time to engage with these noble heroes however was a task that almost seemed impossible. Their day being regulated immensely with only a few hours each day for personal reflection and meditation. It was in one of these times that I found myself fortunate to engage with Sir Manethal. The man himself while in peak physical condition was rather unremarkable except from one feature. While their color brown like his hair, his eyes seemed to bore into me as if they were stripping my soul bear. Without any exchange of words Sir Manethal dictated to me both my proudest moment, and greatest deepest regret and did so in a tone that seemed to weigh them against one another. After my initial shock, and thanking myself for leaving Piatek back in our chambers I acknowledge the fact of both events. Of which Sir Manethal responded “It is an honorable man that acknowledges his sins but it does not grant him forgiveness, pray Jathan Toth that he that rules all forgives you your sins, walk in the light, and always remember that the darkness has a warm embrace yet foul feeling.” With that he nodded and smartly walked away, the encounter unnerved me enough that I asked Sir Gillman during what become our habitual nightly tasting of wines and ales, how Sir Manethal knew what he knew and why he said what he said. Sir Gillman ever with a quick smile informed me that Sir Manethal used a gift that many of the Transcended shares. Stating “The swords are a prickly bunch, they spend so much time at drill that to them all there is, is the war.” Later in our conversation Sir Gillman also remarked “For the swords, honor is everything, they swear oaths upon entering their order and our bound by these personal codes each brother different from the next, it is their way to combat the darkness and commune with the light. Trust me though when everything goes ploin shaped and you find yourself against the real nasty stuff they are the lot you need and pray for the light to send.”

    Order of the Hollowed Tome:
    While the members of the Sword are distant due to their daily retinues the members of the Hollowed Tome are aloof and apart from their Brothers. From what I could gather about them they spend the majority of their time in meditation or secluded in the great library maintaining and protecting the vast and often dangerous wealth of knowledge the Knights possess. Talking with various Knights about this mysterious order I was able to gleam that it is often times these members that give lists of names to those members of the wind. Upon these lists are the names of future recruits, allies, the corrupt, and the fallen. I also was fortunate to gain the knowledge of a specific tome an artifact of the Knights and where the Order draws its name. The Tome of the risen as it is known, is said to have the names of every member of the order past, present, and future within its pages. With each member being given a single page and upon it is written the tale of the members ultimate destiny, Outside of the Order of the Hollowed Tome no member has seen this sacred artifact or allowed direct access to the knowledge that it contains. However, the Brothers of the Tome while working with the Brothers of the Flame move the Knights individually and as a whole toward their ultimate destiny.

    The Knights Transcendent get their name from the sub- group among their order that have passed beyond the mortal limits of combating evil. These Knights that have transcended the bounds of mortal men are the finest weapons against the diabolical. The onset of this blessing appears to be random but it is anything but.
    From his first day as a recruit to the order the future Knight is taught the mantra and meditative rites that free his soul from his body and allow him to tap into the higher heavens power. They are often tattooed with celestial words of warding against the powers of the diabolical. When the recruit passes his test of purity he will assume the mantel of Knight Aspirant and will continue on his path of self- knowledge and development. Each morning the Knight Aspirant plies deeper and deeper into the depths of his soul and in so doing rising higher in communion with the heavens. At a certain point the Knight reaches a moment of pure clarity and gazes upon all of creation.
    When the Knight sees this he is both humbled and amazed at the perfect beauty that it is. However his gaze is quickly drawn to a dark cancerous portion of creation that is completely out of tune with the Symphony that is creation. The Knight then knows the cost of his enemy’s existence on creation. Depending on the paths in which the Knight took to reach this moment will define him for the rest of his life. For now the Knight will be blessed by the attention of one of the Five. Celestial beings more ancient then the world itself and as powerful as a God pour more of their divine power into the Knight forever setting him apart from his fellows.
    As a member of the Transcendent Brotherhood the Knight is given leave to the innermost sanctums of the Sword. He is granted access to the Great Library, The Gates of the Winds, The Ember Forge, The Grand Hall, and the Chamber of the Sword. Where it is said that the Saint himself resides. In the Chamber of the sword sits the Grand Master council of five. Knights who have transcended even more so then the Brotherhood as different from the Knights as the knight is different from mortal men.
    It is rumored that there are those that have reached this rank that do not sit on the council. And that the Council is only the ever most elite chosen by the Saint himself to lead the Order. However this is only a rumor those that would know certainly would not tell.

    Of the Eldest:
    The Knights are peculiar in their view of the Eldest of our world. If it was not for their blatant righteousness and blessings some would deem the Knights heretical. However the Knights do not venerate one deity per say but the collective whole seeing them all as agents to a supreme deity. This is not without precedence in the various teachings of Elder worship among the peoples of our world. In fact in some dogmas the being is named. In our church of Ordin we referred to this being as El, others include, Yeewa, or Lightbringer, but to the Knight this being is referred to as The Hallowed One. However as noted above the Knights are divided into 5 different sub-orders. Each of these Orders venerates a particular being said to dwell in the Higher Heavens. Across the orders there is a shared belief that the Hallowed One is the only being truly deserving of worship, and the worship of lesser good intention deities is just a lesser form of worshiping the greater whole. Their second unifying belief is that mortal souls have in them numerous destinies of to achieve throughout their lives, and an equal amount of fates to attempt to avoid. The third and final unifying belief is that creation or the symphony as the Knights refer to it is to be kept in harmony, and that the wickedness and evil of the world rings as discordant across creation and it is to be eradicated at all costs.

    The Scared Wind:
    Those members of the Wind venerate a being known as the unfretted storm. It is said that he holds court in the spaces above and through all of the High Heavens. His follower’s principle beliefs are to never be at rest, that change is inevitable and that stagnation in all its forms must be opposed. The movement of peoples, ideas, and belief is their greatest mission, especially in regards to mortal souls achieving their destiny.

    The Unsullied Shield:
    Those members of the Shield venerate a being known as the Knight of Stone. It is said that he holds court in the mountain range close to the Maiden of Flames Volcano on the edge of the High Heavens. His follower’s principle beliefs are to never compromise in the face of evil or adversity. That a mortal’s life with its constant trails is the crucible that is made to be endured in order to achieve an ultimate destiny.

    The Cleansing Flame:
    Those members of the Cleansing Flame venerate a being known as the Maiden of Flame. It is said that she holds court in a Massive Volcano at the very edge of the High Heavens. Her members’ principle beliefs are to purge the wicked, while also focusing on the eradication of disease and pestilence. She also believes in the inspiring nature of the word of flame. In that her followers seek out to inspire and elevate the mortal spirit in order for it to achieve its destiny.

    The Shining Sword:
    Those members of the Shining Sword venerate a being known as the Glorious Prince. It is said that he holds court in the very heart of the High Heavens. His members’ principle beliefs are to defend the innocent and pursue the wicked. That holy warfare against the demonic, evil, and corrupt is the greatest calling of a mortal and no matter what their given destiny may be as they achieve them they unknowingly weaken the infernal cause.

    The Hollowed Tome:
    Those members of the Tome venerate a being known as the Grand Seneschal. It is said that he hold court at the Highest point of the High Heavens and as close to the Hallowed One as any being in all of creation. Its members’ principle beliefs are to guide mortal souls in the ascension toward the heavens and archiving a singular grand destiny. Its members also believe in achieving greater understanding and knowledge, to practice philosophy and promote to controlled use of Arcane and Divine spells.
    This concludes my report, it is my hope that these findings are satisfactory and that the sharing of this knowledge will somehow bring about whatever it is these Holy Brothers are working toward. For as me and Paitek underwent our return journey it was easy to see that we both have been changed by our stay. Subtle but noticeable with myself knowing a serenity I have never known my entire life, and Paitek being more impassioned then ever re-reading all of our tomes we brought. Then feverishly scribing long into the night hours his thoughts and beliefs. It is my most honest belief that to whatever end the Knights are working toward it is for the betterment of us all, and I pray that I live my life in such a way as to not hinder their efforts.

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    Garren Ulfgar

    While this excerpt from Knights Transcendent: A study of the warrior monks of The Sword. Explains much, if any there are any questions regarding the Knights please feel free to direct them to Brother Theron Lachaylan, Or Brother Garren Ulfgar.

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