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    Aleena Cloudlily

    *a poster letter is placed on a wall in the tavern*

    I, Aleena Cloudlily, ritualist and Priestess of Inil, call upon all fellow ritualists in New Haven who feel a passionate calling to assist our new home, to come together and be known as one.

    Many times we are plagued by darkness, curses, mysterious elements that require us to gather together and design complicated Rituals of magic to save our new home from the grasp of horrific forces that wish to harm us. We can not risk scattering ourselves, we need to meet together often.

    All rituals takes time, information, sophistication and a lot of planning that can not be done by one or a few alone. Especially designing new ones unknown to us.

    The most powerful of rituals is when many of us come together with a single cause and save not only lives but understand the great art of performance behind each ritual.

    If you are a Ritualists, and you want to keep our home safe? We need you.

    You are more important than you think.

    No experience is needed and we can discuss together in our next meeting all current missions at hand and how we can assist each other and New Haven.

    You can be part of the Ritualists guild and still be part of your House or current guild.

    There is no gold, payment or any mercenary work here. Our work is for the greater good, and we never create rituals involving sacrifices, dark magic or blood.

    Our noble art is like a great Symphony of the Night, we all have a powerful part to play in this world.

    If you want to be part of this. And wish to be part of the many important missions to perform rituals and prepare them, please pledge below and I will make great efforts in including you when we meet again.

    You can believe in any Elder or none at all. All I ask is assist one another and meet together so we can be a stronger force against the darkness.

    I thank you graciously.

    May the light guide you in to her embrace.

    Aleena Cloudlily
    Priestess of Inil


    The guild will also have OOG meetings for ritual preparations. I think if we work together with props and designs we can make some very impressive ritual performances :3 that can highlight your characters unique ‘performing’ and give everyone an epic show.

    In the past, we had major rituals that can be over 30 mins long! And instead of chanting over and over, we can do something more fun and spectacular.

    But it takes a lot of planning IRL, scene requests, plus we need to be flexible of any surprises Plot sends at us 😉 lol

    This is also a way to give each ritualist the opportunity to ‘perform’ and have players feel inclusive :3 to the story.

    Thanks guys :3
    PM me with any questions.



    Maman Kym walks up and reads the posted letter. She nods as if to herself and thinks “This sounds good. I will have to track Aleena down and actually discuss this with her”. She stands in thought a moment longer, then turns and exits.

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    Garren Ulfgar

    Garren eyes the note carefully on his way to the cold stores, his arms laden with various foodstuff.

    After a few moments he decides to ignore it. He stopped again while he wheeled in a cask of ale to read the note in its entirety.

    After securing the cask away he took a bit of parchment out and penned a formal response. Taking the note and a bit of sealing wax he summoned a bit of flame and affixed his response in wax seal underneath.

    “If called,I Brother Garren will be in attendance accompanied by Brother Carro. We will observe and participate only as directed by our Primas Brother Theron Lachaylan.

    -Signed Garren Ulfgar, Chaplain of the Cohort “Adamant Defiance” of the Knights Transcendent.”

    He reads it over before returning to moving the rest of his stock into the cold stores of the tavern.

    Profile photo of Aleena Cloudlily
    Aleena Cloudlily

    Out of Character : Ritualist Guild of NH

    ((There will be a physical representation of this poster in game for characters to see In Game, just waiting for the official Plot Game Schedule to nail the time and date. Keep your eyes open for it :3. The meeting is tentatively be held Friday after Midnight, so if you really want to attend schedule your ‘NPC Watch’ accordingly, probably gather at the tavern and then move somewhere else if needed. Thanks everyone 🙂 ))

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