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    [A simple scroll has been hung in the tavern by a large man wearing furs]


    Never thought I’d be able to say that I particularly missed this place. It has been a very long time, glad to see a few familiar faces though I never fully introduced myself to many of you. My name is Aeroten, my brothers-in-arms from the Grand Alliance and myself found ourselves among the first set of ships to land in this lands. That seems very long ago now.

    I left the first Elendarii encampment when views differed on how to handle phylacteries, cowards and the corrupt managed to seize them from us, the Knights of I’nil we went by. We had only ever fought for the survivors but after such a sleight, it felt time to leave. I return now due to troubling circumstances. The clan that took me in is running low on food and supplies, not everyone will survive to see the spring. I have returned to New Haven hoping to establish trade routes with my people, I was rather dismayed to hear that you are barely scraping by yourselves. If I missed a faction of you that has in your power to consider this, I would be grateful for a scroll sent to the bard’s cabin. I will be residing in town for another fortnite at most before returning home to assist my people during the winter months. Niberious the wylde elf, for those of you who may remember him, and I will be returning as soon the snow thaws and our people are sound to establish a trade either here or with King Balthazar if necessary.

    I look forward to meeting more of the citizens here and assisting in what ways I am able

    Kannoth Raven and Nightstryder: Thank you for your hospitality and conversations. When I return I hope that we may continue our talks, be well.

    My dearest White Elf friend, I was rather distraught to hear you had died. Luckily Kannoth is not the brightest ray cast by the sun and you live. The phylactery sickness you warned me about was nearly my end, shame I had not listened to you before. Of everyone who resides here, you were the one I was hoping to see the most. Your concern for the 13th and myself over those artifacts will not soon be forgotten. I look forward to seeing you again, my friend.


    [A yellow wax seal of a bear is seen]

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    Aleena Cloudlily

    A small petite maiden wearing a winter robe steps pass the creepy doors of the tavern. The gusts wisks her white of hair off her shoulders as she shivered in place.

    As the gusts blew past her, she hears a note flickering about in a tack on a wall. She sets her staff aside and leaned in reading and taking in each letter.

    Her eyes widen suddenly with a gasp.

    “A Knight of Inil!”

    Aleena tapped across her lips rather alert with running thoughts.

    (This man must be one of the Knights that was with Gregor and possibly Alabastor long ago! I desperately needed to speak to him…) she thought.

    Leaning in, she searched her robes for a feathered pen and begins to unscroll a parchment. With a dainty hand, she scribbled a note over the one placed by the yellow stamp.

    “Dear Aeroten,

    I am very pleased to see returning people from the long first ship, I myself arrived on the 6th ship. There are not many left since those old days, and I praise the great light of Inil you have survived long enough to reach New Haven. I know just enough of the past and what went on long ago with the Plylateries, I understand your woes. Those objects and it’s perils are no longer an issue as myself and other Ritualists purified what possessed such artifacts. But, what happened nearly over a year ago still hunts us even now. I’d have to meet you to explain it all if Kannoth has not done so yet.

    But, Because of this, I feel your return is almost a sign. Your presence and history may be more important than ever. If you honor me, seek me to share some words?

    I have much to share with you, and all who you once knew back then…

    I also, am pleased to see at least one more follower of Inil aside from myself, hopefully still as devoted and determined as the sun who rises each and everyday with courage and virtue. We greatly need it….

    I am always near town and go by the name Priestess of Inil, Aleena Cloudlily, a healer and ritualists of the Light.

    I look forward to meeting you, Aeroten

    May our Eldest keep you well in her embrace until we meet.


    Priestess Aleena Cloudlily”

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    Aeroten walks into the tavern, reads the reply and attaches another scroll after a moment of quick scribbling

    Good day, Priestess.

    Upon my return let us gather together those that have lived here the longest and see to each other’s questions. I’m positve we have much to learn from each other. May I’nil watch over you during these dark moons ahead, I look forward to our meeting as well. Look for my banners as soon as winter leaves us.

    Until we meet,

    [A yellow wax seal of a bear is seen]

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