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    Aleena Cloudlily

    The whirlwind of light flashed about inside the cabin, any who may have been outside may have seen the windows gleamed white and suddenly drew dark.

    Aleena clenched her eyes shut through it all until she felt fingers along her hands, crawling like a spider and icey to the touch. She thought it was Cliff’s hand but once she gazed gown her face tensed with horror. There was a hand over hers!

    Gasping she stepped away from Tess and Cliff as the ebony figure sleeked out of the ring and manifested in to a tall form, dwarfing her own. The energy that erupted blew cold and whipped her hair and Tess’s robes behind them as it developed. Instinctively, Aleena rose an arm infront of Tess and Cliff protectively. But her eyes were flood open in alarm and speechless.

    As the voice declared at her, pointing to the ring, she halted her breath and leaned away from its touch never breaking her sight from it. Her left hand itched to retrieve her Staff, it too felt her need and glowed briefly white in the corner,…

    She swallowed hard seeing the gleaming silver lining on it’s elongated fingers threatening her neck, but bravely Aleena stood still and held a hand up instantly to glasp the ring from it’s touch.

    Before she could say anything,..anything at all, the cabin blew in a rasp of darkness, wood and splinters of the table thrashed across the room and she felt crates, blankets, pillows and her own hair blew upwards and hurled all at once to the floor dragging cross the walls as the dark being left the room.

    Aleena yelped as the force made her duck down beside Tess sheltering her eyes with her arms, and holding her against Cliff protectively.

    A few moments later, crates and tables came back down haphazardly about the room, pillows were ripped open and feathers cascaded about the room. There was a dull silence following the crash of the door and a roar that left with it…..

    Her ears ringed and all that was heard was her and Tess phanting in the aftermath. Very slowly, Aleena lifted her face, splinters and feathers came down her head and inhailing slowly as dust covered the room.

    Her eyes darted about everywhere for the being, but it was gone. She slowly released Tess and felt her own arm sting, the table must have slammed into them both, but she wasn’t stabbed, just bruised by the weight.

    Immediately she looked at Tess, “I….thi-nk so.” responding to her question. As Tess drew up to check the door, Aleena achingly drew up to a stand and peered at Cliff.

    No blood, no signs of agony, not even sweat. She feared the worst suddenly and daintily placed fingers near his nose. She felt his soft breath and a reassuring sigh escaped her. “He’..is. cured. Oh by the Eldest,…it finally worked.”

    A relief washed over her followed by a dizzy spell. She had to grasp on to the bunkbed frame to keep herself standing. A swirl of weight came up and down in her body, washed with a cool and hot sensation like waves.

    (I feel…so weak…)

    And on cue she spotted the blood on the floor beneath her eyes, following it to Tess’s arms. “Tess…” she ached weakly, “You..r.hurt,…let me..I have,…one bandage left…”

    Achingly,she took one of the prepared enchanted bandages left behind by the wyld elf earlier,..and stumbled slightly to her side. “Here…let me,…”

    Tess can see her fingers tremble, her face looked haggard but with a determined spirit, a rich green glow fused from her palm and made circles across the back of her arms. IT gave the scent of mint, cool calmness, and a rich soothingness to the pain. The bleeding stops but there is a pink mark that warned that any sudden movements and it could reopen. With delicate fingers, the bandage slowly licked over it with a wet seal.


    Aleena started to sway towards the side and she gripped on to bed post for a moment. There was a angelic soft voice in the air and it made her eyes close slowly in a lullied state (…it’s lovely, …is Cliff finally free?)

    “…I..don’t know what that is…it is very..le badz.” she said finally closing her eyes in a frown. The being, whatever it was, left more questions than answers. Was it truly gone? What was it? Why was it part of the ring? Who summoned it last time when it said ‘returned’? And by the eldest,…what is she to do next time?


    Sanaii had startled at the loud noises from within the cabin; her eyes flashing open as her body effortlessly went from resting to alert. Her eyes fluttering down then back up to the cabin within moments and she slowly had made her way to it’s door. Not entering as to keep her distance yet peering into ensure all was not going to hell, the half elf watched as the scene unfolded threw a shaded veil.

    Taking a step back as the shadow appeared, her hand naturally fell to her sword despite what little it would probably do to the shadowy figures essence.

    Hearing the singing once all of the commotion had calmed, Sanaii couldn’t help but let out a slight smile – previous curiosities now making sense. Remaining outside of the door, her eyes closed momentarily as she music allowed her to take a deep breath in and slowly release it through her mouth. Her eyes opening once more, Sanaii watched quietly just to ensure the ordeal was over.

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