Exiled Races

The Exiled Races

The exiled races banded together in the three great wars, and were banished from the main continent for their crimes against the nation by constantly starting wars and causing unneeded bloodshed. They were permanently banished from the lands of the allied nations, and have taken up residence in the lands of exile. These races are not currently able to be played by players.



The most fierce of all the exiled races,  Drow are known to be absolutely ruthless to their enemies. They are known to be extremely difficult to defeat in combat due to their cunning and intelligence, and underhanded war tactics. They rarely are seen in the daylight, and usually stick to the cover of night which they blend into seamlessly with centuries of practice. They revere Sho’thar above all the other Eldest, and believe Sho’thar to be the only true and original Eldest. They strive to rid the world of all light, and return it to its original darkness. They are revered and feared by both allied and exiled races due to their utter brutality.




Orcs are barbaric in nature, but not lacking in intelligence. From the time they are born, they dedicate themselves to physical combat and prowess, and strive to constantly to perfect their martial skill. Respect is determined by war rank, and the battle field is their proving ground. They also respect their Shamanistic spirit speakers and healers as essential individuals of their tribes.



Trolls are the least intelligent of the noted exiled races. They are known to be extremely hard to kill due to the massive amount of self regeneration their bodies have developed over the centuries. They have extremely long life spans and are strictly carnivores. They will eat just about any moving thing, but tend to avoid the other exiled races under a silent pact due to their constant oppression.


A pale skinned vampiric race. Norraht are sickly looking humanoids with sharp teeth. They are devoted to the necromantic arts and are based on the practice of humanoid sacrifice and cannibalism. Blood is their favored sustenance, not out of necessity, merely choice. They are known to take blood slaves among the allied races, and use them for both food and sacrifice upon their whim. They rarely attack their own kind and are fairly political in nature. They are also rumored to be allied with the Dark Elves.