High Elves

Generally very refined and aloof. They have a very clear social structure and tend to honor that closely. Crime is next to nonexistent among their own kind, due to their long lives and the necessity of living peacefully among themselves.

Costume Requirements: 5 inch or longer Elven ears  (We suggest buying the anime elf ears for all of our elven races from this company Aradani Costumes)

Wylde Elves

They are generally cheery and spirited. Tribal in nature, they enjoy life to its fullest and believe in celebrating life in all its riches. They hold a particular reverence for nature and strive to live harmoniously with it. To learn more, click here.

Costume Requirements: 5 inch or longer Elven ears, tribal markings required on the face, though additional markings are encouraged elsewhere.

White Elves

These are the most rare and aloof of all the elves. Their skin is pure white and they are generally very distant in nature. They are calculative and observant, and do not show emotion often.

Costume Requirements: 5 inch or longer Elven ears – White Skin (all visible skin must be painted white. We suggest Ben Nye white cream paint) – Optional: It is common for them to have bright purple eyes.