Dress Code

Costume Requirements

Lands of Exile is a full immersion fantasy LARP. As such, we require all of our players and our monsters to be fully costumed. As far as our requirements, we ask that all of our players’ costumes be made out of fabric that would be suiting of the medieval period. Sequins or the cheap silky fabrics that flood party city, for example, would not be desirable. Don’t have a costume? Don’t despair! We have some suggestions for you that will get you into a fully passable costume for less than $40. If you put in a little handy work yourself, you can get into one for even less! Below are some examples of costumes that would and would not pass, as well as some tips on where to get your wardrobe! Still can’t quite get the costume together for your first game? Talk to us about it was we have limited amounts of some loaner costuming that you can use for your first game so you can come and try it out!

At your first game, we will ask to do a costume and weapons inspection just to make sure everything is passable. If it’s not perfect the first time, don’t fret! We will offer gentle suggestions on how to improve anything that may need to be change, and are always willing to help you find or make any part of the costume you may need.

What do I need for my first costume?

For a basic costume you will need the following items listed below. If you don’t mind putting in a little handy work, and you already own a set of dark shoes, then you should be able to put together a basic costume for under $50! If you want to make your costume, we have provided tutorials and suggest getting fabric either at a fabric store or buying old bedsheets at a second hand store. Here is what you’ll need:

A basic shirt. You can purchase one from our store if you like or you can learn how to make one here: How to Make a Simple Shirt

A basic set of pants. You can purchase one from our store if you like or you can learn how to make one here: How to Make Basic Pants

Footware. You will need either leather, or dark colored footware. If your shoes are dark colored but very modern looking, you will need to cover them with inexpensive boot toppers. Footware is often the hardest and most expensive part of a basic costume, but is also one of the most imortant as good footing is essential in a combat LARP game.  But, we are more than happy to help you find something that works for you! Medieval looking footware can be expensive, and we don’t suggest buying the really cheap boots from online stores, as they tend to fall apart easily and are very uncomfortable. We do allow for leather military boots that you can get for a decent price at Army Surplus stores. If you already have dark shoes you can cover them with some boot toppers like these $15 Boot Toppers or these $13 Boot Toppers. Feel free to ask us for help with this!

Utensils and Feastware. You can put together a really basic eating set by bringing a metal mug, a metal plate, and some basic usual eating utensils.

A belt! Not required but very useful! We suggest hitting up your local second hand store to pick up a leather belt on the cheap.

We also want to keep the in game area free of other modern items that would take away from the immersion.  We will require period looking drinking, eating, and seating items.  This means no plastic utensils or plates, no modern day water bottles or cans.  There are holders for bottles and cans that can be used to cover the non-period items.  For seating we would like to keep it period as well, this would mean no modern folding chairs. If you have a modern folding chair, we ask you cover it with a period appropriate blanket or sheet to make it not stand out in our world.  The basic rule to go by is, if it doesn’t look like it would belong in the middle ages, then it doesn’t belong in the in game area.  If you have modern items, they must be keep them in your personal tent or in a designated out of game area. This is to ensure everyone has as strong of a break from reality as possible, as props and atmosphere are a huge part of the illusion of a fantasy world.

Prohibited Items:

The following items are not allowed at the game while the game time is active. The reason is these items break the fantasy setting of the game as they blatant references to modern society. Our game is dedicated to truly make you feel like you are in another world, and we spend a lot on immersive costuming and props for the game. Our players are also dedicated to the same standards. If you have any questions about costume approval please ask Claire our Head of Plot, and she will be happy to help you find something that would work. A generally good reference is if you wouldn’t see it in something like Game of Thrones, it probably is the wrong time period or too modern.

Modern shirts: This includes any shirts that have pockets like dress shirts or ribbing around the neck like cotton shirts. T-shirts are also not allowed.

Pants with modern/visible pockets. Jeans are strictly not allowed.

Footwear – Tennis shoes are not allowed. You can wear black or brown colored tennis shoes if they are covered with boot toppers, but any bright colors are strictly prohibited.