Character Backstory

Character Backstory

Character Backstory and Goals Submission

Please use this form to tell us a bit about your character. We love learning about your backstory as it helps us get to know who your character is and what you’d like to do.

When creating a backstory, please keep in mind your character is just starting this adventure. It’s a bit cliche to write a character who is “epic” – instead, focus on making a well rounded character that has a history, a past, motivation, things they are good at, and things they aren’t so good at. The best characters have faults, and room to grow and learn.

A Few Rules for Your Backstory

We suggest you give a quick read over the basic lore of our world before submitting your back story. You can read over our lore Here

As for the rules pertaining to character backstories:

-Your character may not be more than 100 years of age.
-Your character may not be a noble, royal, or have any type of official title that would be recognized by a government (this stuff is earned in game!)
-Your character’s history is welcome to be dark, but we do not allow for rape to be in any back stories or plot lines. Torture, sorrow, sadness, murder, all that is fair game though!


***PLEASE make sure to fill in this form correctly, especially with your first name, last name and email. If you mess this up, it will file incorrectly in our system. Thank you!***


Character Backstory and Goals Submission Form