Allied Races

The Allied Races

The races of these lands are unique and vibrant. Each harbors strong cultural roots, evident in their cultures’ practices and beliefs. From the free spirited halflings, to stout dwarves, each represent their kind in their own fashion. The peoples of theses lands are generally divided into two factions. The allied races, and the exiled races.

This division formed over centuries of war, dividing them through bloodshed and conquest. Our players will take the roles of the people of the allied nations, pitting their wits and strength against the dreaded Drow and their exiled allegiances. Below are listed the allied races from which you can choose to play.



Considered direct decedents of the Fae, Elves are one of the  most ancient races in the known world. They are known for extreme longevity and wisdom. Due to their long lifespans, they tend to be a much more cautious and thoughtful race, taking their time to analyze decisions and are very slow to action or anger.

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Dwarves are a very stout and hardy race. They are generally wise in nature, and enjoy a good hearty drink around a warm hearth. They reside both under ground, and on mountain tops. The cave dwarfs tend to be more sour natured  than their group dwelling bretheren, and harbor a deep resentment of the Drow. Their moutain top relatives however, though stubborn, are generally light hearted and well humored.

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The K’ojin are often referred to as the ‘peaceful mountains.’ They are a giant race who adorn their bodies with runic tattoos. They generally do not seek out combat and are known to be a very wise and reserved race. Yet, when their people are placed in a situation where they must face combat, they are brutal warriors, wielding large and powerful weapons. Because of their peaceful and reserved mannerisms, they generally get along best with the White Elves and often find companionship in their shorter cousins. (This race is height restricted).

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Halfings are generally loved for their light-hearted nature. They live longer than humans, but generally still have a shorter lifespan, and like to make the best of it! They are usually cheery and are quick to make jest. Due to their shorter nature, they are very nimble, quick, and intelligent. Witty in nature, Halfings are known to always bring joy to those around them. (This race is height restricted).

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Humans are one of the most resourceful races. Their lifespans tend to be shorter, but they tend be very robust and creative. Humans are quick to action, and run the gambit from strong headed, to light-hearted.

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The Grehlok were once humans, who were enslaved and mutated by the Drow. They are sulky in nature, and generally not trusted by the allied races. While they have claimed to have broken free from their previous Drow masters, many believe they are still being used for their nefarious purposes.

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Half-Breeds are the offspring of humans and any other of the common races of Ravencrest. They generally are socially unaccepted and have a hard time finding their place in society, as they don’t usually belong to any one race. It is impossible to be half Grehlok as the Grehlok curse which provides them with their slave markings is always dominant, assuring all of their offspring remain marked. (You are free to play a half-breed of any human and allied-race combination. Half-breeds of human and Conquest Races are restricted. All half-breeds must be approved by plot before game-play).

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